Opportunities, Products and 6 Ways to Open an Online Shop Business

dulichbinhhung.xyz – The online shop is the new queen in today’s business field, a very promising business opportunity today. In the past, before the internet penetrated all walks of life, windows shopping was still done in malls, but not now. The latest Windows shopping can now be done at home by opening an existing online shop, so the online shop business is getting more promising.

It seems that now all shopping activities have shifted from conventional methods to online through a more practical online shop. Busyness in the millennial era like now makes everyone prefer something that is more practical and easy, namely everything online. If you look at these facts, it does provide many opportunities for online shop businesses.

Current Online Shop Opportunities

Reading online shop business opportunities today is very easy, because everything is clear and this business has a very high chance of success. The online shop will carry out buying and selling activities with consumers online. Lots of consumers want the convenience offered by online shops that provide all their needs.

This is an opportunity for business people to create an online shop that can meet all consumer needs online. In terms of capital, an online business requires less capital because it can cut down on capital for a place of business. It is not surprising that currently many online shops have opened and sell various business products.

Products That Can Be Sold Through the Online Shop

Many business products can be sold online because online shops do not have restrictions in terms of products sold. In general, business products are divided into two categories, namely goods and services. Each category certainly has many types of items that can be sold, below are some inspirations for selling items by category:


An online shop can sell business products in the form of goods, any goods as long as they do not violate the law. Examples of items that can be used as inspiration for selling products such as: clothes, shoes, dry food, cosmetics, and many others.


Online shops can also sell service products to consumers, for example, currently transportation services can be ordered through online websites.

So, those are the products, both goods and services that can be sold by online shops, you can choose according to the target market. The list above can be used as a reference for online shop business products that can be sold or marketed. Interested in creating an online shop but still confused about how? Below will be reviewed how to make it more clear.

How to Open an Online Shop Business?

Creating an online shop should not be careless so that it can generate promising profits in the future. There are steps that must be followed when starting a business so that the online shop business that is built can be successful. Here is step by step how to open an online shop to be successful:

1. Do Market Research

The first thing that needs to be done is to do market research to determine the target market that the online shop will target. The market is the one that will receive the online shop selling products, which will determine what products are suitable for sale. Market research by observing around, and considering various parameters such as age range, gender, economic level.

All things that affect the market’s ability to accept the product must be considered. These factors determine how much the market will accept the product and also influence what products will be sold.

2. Do research on products to be sold

After knowing the market to be targeted, what needs to be done is to conduct market research. Try to observe what is needed by the surroundings, especially the target market that has been determined, find the problems sticking out there. Make the online shop shop business a problem solver for all.

But of course, apart from paying attention to the market, one must also pay attention to one’s passion and abilities, in order to be able to provide good products. Products or services that are most needed or in demand will soon be accepted by the market.

3. Setting up an Online Store

After determining the products to be sold, of course you have to start preparing a place to sell, this is an online store. An online shop business does not require a shop building or shop to sell, but only requires an online store. There are many ways to set up an online store to start selling products to make it more effective.

For those who have limited initial capital, they can use existing marketplaces, such as Tokopedia, Shopee, and others. If you use a marketplace, the cost required is zero rupiah, but of course it’s not as free as if you have your own online shop website. Having your own online store website would be better, but it does require more capital to create an online store website.

4. Learn and apply digital marketing

After all the tools for selling are ready, what needs to be done is to promote the business and business products. You do this by starting to study digital marketing which is more effective and inexpensive. Many digital marketing can be done for free, such as using social media, especially if the target market is young people.

After studying the existing digital applications, immediately apply them to carry out business promotions and products that will be sold. Promotions will make online stores known to the general public, if you use a market place, there will already be a promotion program in it. However, if you use your own online shop website, you have to be more active in promoting it so you have good sales.

5. Also Learn About Financial Management

A business or business certainly cannot be separated from financial management, and the online shop business is no exception. Financial management is very important to do especially if the business is done alone, recording income, disbursing cash and capital is important. In addition, it is obligatory to separate online shop finances from personal money so that it is easy to control.

To make it easier to do financial management, you can use an online application that will facilitate all management work. Just one application can handle all the required bookkeeping work.

6. Add Products If the Online Shop Is Running Well

Markets, products, online stores, promotions, management have been resolved, it’s time to run an online business that has been prepared. Run online stores well, friendly service so that consumers are satisfied and repeat orders.

After the online store runs smoothly and sells its products stable, you can add products to sell at the online store. The method is the same as doing product research first, either from observation or by receiving input from consumers. Then determine the products that need to be added to meet market needs.


That’s how to open the right online shop business, the step by step above must be done in order to produce the best online shop. The discussion of opportunities, products and how to create an online shop business above can be used as a reference for those interested in starting this business.

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