5 ways to start a business without debt

dulichbinhhung.xyz – Often many people feel hesitant to run their business because they do not dare to take risks. Not to mention if you are constrained by capital which requires you to borrow money so you can start a business. In fact, with planning followed by a good strategy you can minimize the risk of losses.

Of course, it’s not impossible for you to start your business without needing debt. Here’s information on how to start a business without debt.

Running a Business Without Capital

How come you can start a business without capital. You only need to take advantage of your competence and also use the equipment at home. For example, you can offer photo services using your device.

Apart from being without debt, this business can make more money, you know. Of course, you don’t have to bother thinking about the debt you need to pay, because you are running a business without capital.

1. Using Personal Savings

Well, in this way you can simply take your savings to be used as business capital. Your personal savings can be utilized by starting a business on a small scale first.

Use your savings only as needed, save for emergency money and money for daily needs. After your business runs smoothly, you can collect money to save again.

2. Implementing a Pre-Order (PO) System

If you really have a strong desire to do business, you can apply this method. The trick is, you can offer buyers the product you want to sell. Then, you data the buyer and charge an upfront fee of around 50% of the price of your product.

Well, after that you only need to follow up by producing according to the number of orders you receive. This method is usually applied to the culinary business to minimize losses.

3. Looking for Business Partners

You can try this method when your business is already running, but you are constrained by capital to continue your business. Instead of choosing to borrow money through an online application, it’s better for you to find a business partner to invest in your business.

Besides not having to owe, you can run your business together. Now, after your business is successfully run again, you must share profits fairly with your business partners.

4. Utilize Assets

If you have assets such as jewelry, electronic goods, securities, and the like, you can use them by selling them or pawning them to start your business.

Make sure your assets are of high value so that they can be used to increase your business capital. So, you can redeem or buy new assets with the profits you have made from your business.

5. Looking for Investors

With investors, you can get large amounts of money in a short time to start a business. It’s different if you choose to borrow money through an online application, even though it’s fast and easy, the money you get is fairly limited. You only need to present the concepts, ideas and proposals regarding the business you want to start to investors.


In the following way, you can start a business without worrying about paying off debt.

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