5 Tricks to Avoid Bankruptcy

dulichbinhhung.xyz – When setting up your own business, you definitely never thought about letting the business go bankrupt. But it’s likely that it will definitely happen. Because humans can only try, God determines what will happen then.

What you have to pay attention to is how to keep the business from going bankrupt. It could be that bankruptcy occurred because of your mistake. Either wrong in implementing the strategy or in taking steps. For that, you must prepare yourself before starting a business. Opening a business is not just opening and then it must be successful. There are many steep roads that must be traversed.

If you are able to get through the obstacles properly, you will definitely be successful in your business. But if you can’t get past that, bankruptcy will be a shadow. Therefore, read this article completely so that your business does not go bankrupt. If your business is successful then you yourself will feel happy right?

Tips for Not Going Bankrupt

Bankruptcy is a scary thing that anyone has the potential to experience. Bankruptcy will be very painful because all the capital issued is not able to provide benefits. As a result you can no longer continue. Because if forced it will increase the level of loss. It would be better to just stop than to force the dead business to live on.

You have to do a lot of things so as not to go bankrupt. With a strong strategy and determination, the business will continue to survive. Will not experience bankruptcy and can continue to run.

What are some things we can do to avoid bankruptcy? Check out some of these below.

1. Starting a Small Business

One safe way so that you don’t experience bitter bankruptcy is to start a small business first. Do it on a small scale while looking for a market for your product. You should enjoy this process because from here your business will grow.

As the business goes on, increase business capacity. If yesterday there were 10 products sold, increase to 20. Increase slowly when sales have shown an increase. Starting small will make you learn a lot so that the possibility of bankruptcy becomes smaller.

2. Manage Finances Well

Financial arrangements are important in running a business. No matter how big your business is, when the financial books are not in order, bankruptcy will become a scourge. Therefore, make sure finances are well organized.
Separate personal and business finances, never mix them. Make sure the finances remain balanced in the final report. All financial data must be recorded completely. Neat and organized financial reports will encourage the smooth running of the business.

3. Avoid Debt

There is a reason why you should start a business on a small scale first. Namely so that you do not seek capital by way of debt. Believe it or not, debt can push you to get stuck in a bankruptcy hole.

In every debt will be born interest. When you are not able to manage your finances properly, the debt will surely accumulate. So that slowly the strength of the business will weaken.

Well, it’s better to choose from the small first and then increase the scale of the business. At least you already know where the direction of this business will be taken so there will be no more confusion.

4. Build a Business According to Passion

You certainly have your own passion right? Well, you can build a business that comes from interest and passion.

One important requirement in running a business is to enjoy it. This sense of enjoyment can be obtained when you do what you like. What you are passionate about is your interest and passion.

When obstacles arise, you will be more able to survive because this is for your passion. It’s different when you do business that isn’t really you. When a business starts to get weak, your fighting power will also be weak because it’s really not your passion.

5. Focus and Consistent

The last step you have to do is focus. Don’t be easily tempted to do other things when your business is not in order. Learn until you are really proficient in running a business.

Don’t be lazy to take part in various trainings and workshops for the sake of knowledge. The more diligent you study, the better it will be for your business.


Then continue to do your business diligently, slowly but surely your business will start to generate profits. Well, there are various ways to avoid bankruptcy. Make sure you do some of the tips above. At least by doing that, your business will be able to run stably. The most important thing in running a business is to keep the business running. Even though it doesn’t develop rapidly right away, at least it continues to grow and continues to grow.

Hello, my name is Laura Keyhl usually called Laura. I am a professional writer on several sites, one of which is this blog.

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