These are 3 Strategies for Businesses to Survive Changing Trends – Rapid trend changes must be used by business people to update ideas in the products or services offered. This is done so that the product or service meets the wants and needs of consumers. “Not only through promotion, a business must continue to push itself to be more creative and innovative so that it can create a differentiator from other businesses.

3 strategies to maintain business existence.

1. Become a consumer and understand consumer needs

Business people are invited to become consumers. The aim is to ensure that the product or service to be developed is in accordance with the wishes and needs of consumers. This is done with market research in order to create innovations that meet consumer expectations.

Trends can indeed be a promising business inspiration. However, carefulness and creativity are needed to present a business that can last a long time amid intense market competition.

We at PVRA try to always be up to date with trends that are currently popular so that our products are always loved by users.

2. Strengthen brand identity and expand market

Business people are expected to optimize product marketing on a regular basis. One of them is by utilizing social media and e-commerce platforms. Najla Bisyir said that her business, Bittersweet by Najla, was born and raised from social media.

We believe that in addition to good product quality, we must utilize social media to showcase our wide selection of products to more people. He admitted to adopting digital payments to make it easier for customers to transact.

3. Seize the momentum

and always open to innovation and collaboration Before existing trends are replaced by new trends, business people need to immediately take advantage of the momentum. Business people must be open to all forms of positive innovation, discussion and collaboration.

As we routinely do among fellow members of the Hand Above community. This can be a practical solution for sharing tips and strategies to improve services and products for consumers.


Many businesses can be helped in facing challenges and taking advantage of opportunities that exist in this difficult time. For information, the program will continue to be presented every month with interesting themes to discuss and share information about the business world in a light, trendy and insightful way.

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