3 Platforms Often Used in Online Business

dulichbinhhung.xyz – Who said starting a business was difficult. In this digital era, everything is made easier, including opening a business.

Starting a business can be done through the use of digital platforms as a means of reaching potential buyers. It doesn’t take time and effort, the capital needed is only a smartphone or computer, you can even control your business wherever and whenever you want.

Shopping on the internet is not new anymore, as is common practice. People will seek information before purchasing any product, including yours. From a business standpoint, presenting online marketing in the right way is part of change as a form of adaptation to development.

There are three platforms that are most often used by both business owners (sellers) and consumers, including the following:

1. Online Business on the Website

This online business relies on a website as a place to sell like a store, but online. That is, visitors can view product information directly from the website, make transactions, contact sellers and so on. Online business through this website is very popular among business people because the website has advantages that other types of online business do not have. Starting from better branding, wider marketing, design freedom, and so on.

examples of online business on the website. One example of a successful online business through a website is Uwitan. This furniture business has made its website an online store for potential customers from various regions so they don’t have to bother visiting their showroom in Jogja.

2. Online Business on Social Media

Initially, social media was only used as a means of socializing, whether with old friends or family who rarely met. However, nowadays social media is also used for online business. You must have often seen various accounts promoting their wares in the feed.

Online business on social media is so popular because it’s so easy to start. You can use an existing personal account and start selling right away. Just choose your best product image, fill in a short interesting description, include a price, and… post it. Even so, it is highly recommended to use a business account because there are supporting features such as tracking business performance, viewing buyer demographics and so on.

If a potential buyer is interested, they can simply leave a comment or send you a private message (direct message/DM). Therefore, it is not surprising that many use social media to sell home or homemade products. Examples of types of business on social media are fashion, handicrafts, cosmetics, food products and so on.

3. Online Business on the Marketplace

Marketplace is a platform that acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers for online transactions. In other words, it can also be called an online marketplace, because many sellers/shops offer products and services there. Some examples of marketplaces in Indonesia that you must be familiar with include shopee, Blibli. Starting an online business on the marketplace is also quite popular because it’s easy and free.

You only need to choose which marketplace to use, register an account, install the product, and wait for the buyer to come and make transactions. In addition, various product categories are also provided on the marketplace. Starting from physical products such as clothing, electronics, food and beverages, to service products such as travel agents and wedding organizers.


However, you have to be extra patient when deciding to jump into this type of online business. Why is that? Competition in the marketplace is very tight with sharp price wars, especially if the product you are selling is quite common, such as fashion or cellphone accessories. In effect, the profit margin you generate will be too tight.

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